Snowboarding down a fresh course under a bright blue sky is a memory that can last for a lifetime. Instead of leaving the development of those memories to chance, developers have created a number of apps that have been specially created with the snowboarder in mind. You’ll be able to make plans in advance, know that you’ll shred some powder with ease, and have a great time doing so. Here are the best 5 apps that will help to enhance any snowboarding experience.

#1. RealSki


Made for the iOS, this app is like equipping your mobile device with a pair of Google Glasses. It’s available at over 80 ski resorts right now and will provide you with information about your surroundings in great detail. Instead of pulling up a graph or chart to do this, however, you’ll just point the camera of your mobile device at the object you want to know more about, say a mountain, and RealSki will give you fast access to it. As more resorts are uploaded into the database, you may just find that this snowboarding app will become your favorite one – especially since it is free.

#2. Snocru

If you want to meet up with some likeminded folks or you’ve got a good crew of friends that loves to hit the slopes with you, then this app will help you have a great group experience. You can quickly connect with others that are looking for a social time up on the mountain, but it’s more than just the Snowboarding Edition. You can also track stats about your runs, including altitude and speed, all so that you can share it with old and new friends alike thanks to this free app that works on most mobile devices.

#3. SnowEdge

This app is the snowboarding version of a runner’s stat app. All you’ve got to do is leave your phone open and running throughout the day and you’ll get all of the data that you need about how hard your workouts were on the slopes. It tracks all of the regular data, like the amount of airtime that you have or your speed going down the mountain, but it also tracks the quality of each turn you make too. These insights can help you improve your skills and meet your fitness goals.

#4. iTrail 3D

If you’re at a new resort, it can be a little difficult sometimes to find your way to the slopes that you prefer. Instead of that medium hill, you don’t want to be stuck doing down the double black diamond on your backside, right? This 3D interactive mapping app will help you get to the right slope with ease by showing you directions that use the topography of the region. When you’ve finished snowboarding, then you can share your day on your preferred social network. It’s free on the iOS.

#5. Waze

What good is a planned day at your favorite slopes when you can’t even reach the resort in the first place? This helpful app will track traffic conditions for you, tell you about any pass conditions you’ll need to traverse, and give you the best driving routes that are available. As an added bonus, there’s a gas station comparison included with the app too so that you can get the most affordable fuel available on your drive.

An afternoon of snowboarding is better than an afternoon doing almost anything else. These essential apps will make sure that you have an awesome time.

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